Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good, Good News!

Rick's CT scan today showed the "mass" getting smaller, 1/3 the size it was previously. They called it "round pneumonia". They said sometimes infection balls up and is harder for the antibiotic to get to it. Anyway, NO BIOPSY! He was prepped for it but once they saw the picture that was it. Thank you God for answered prayer.


  1. A-man! :o) Thank the Lord for answered prayer!

  2. This is great news! I got a BIG smile when I read this. But I'm not surprised. I know the saints everywhere put in much prayer for Bro Rick.

    We serve a wonderful God!

  3. This is good news...what a relief you must feel.
    So glad your prayers were answered.


  4. Isn't that just like our Lord! Thank you God for answering all the prayers that went up to You for Rick! I am also thankful for all the encouragement I received through all this from Rick & Janie and others!