Saturday, February 27, 2010

J C Ryle "Beware of the Mere Love of Sermons"

The following quote was used by another blogger friend today. I did a web search of J C Ryle as I had never heard of him before. This led me to a site that greatly sparked my interest and I have now added it as one to visit. You may find out more if you click on it. We will explore it together if you like. As with all information that you may get from any of the blogs that I share, I may not agree with everything that is stated. But I am so excited when I learn of others around the world who are seeking God with all their heart and not satisfied with the lukewarmness of religion that is so familiar in our churches today.

The Quote:


We may listen to a sermon with pleasure, while the impression produced on us is only temporary and short-lived. Our hearts, like the “stony ground,” may yield a plentiful crop of warm feelings and good resolutions. But all this time there may be no deeply-rooted work in our souls, and the first cold blast of opposition or temptation may cause our seeming religion to wither away. Alas! There are many such hearers! The mere love of sermons is no sign of grace.

J.C. Ryle

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  1. Good thoughts. I read this on the other blog too.