Monday, February 1, 2010

God Whispers in the Night

Just a quick post for me to journal what God is doing for me. I woke at 2;30 with Him placing Hebrews 11 on my mind. It is the faith chapter and lists believers gone on before us. Gotta read it again this morning before work. Also song Rick and I sing "Whispers in the Night" written by Roger Bennett and sung by Legacy Five. Just as God says good morning He also whispers in the night. Those kinds of sleep interuptions are hard to resist!
Phrases of the old hymn "Weighed in the Balance" by B. E. Warren also came to my mind. God is full of love and mercy and I want to be like Him. He is also a God of order, truth and judgement. I must not take His words lightly. I cannot float to Heaven on a bed of ease after pledging my life to Him. I must let Him constantly mold and make my clay into His shape. Just now another song by Steve Green comes to my mind "We can be as full as we want to be" and I don't want to be half empty if there is such a thing. God wants my whole heart and nothing else.