Friday, November 23, 2012

Cooking Pans

This set of crockpot/warmers worked great for Thanksgiving. It kept 3 items hot and ready for our plates. Rick bought it for me while he was in Ohio. He said it was an early Christmas present. I have a funny story to share about the pans in my life.
This is my dutch oven full of turkey broth, waiting to cook home made noodles like my Mom used to make for holidays. This pan is part of a set Rick gave me as a wedding present 39 years ago. Yep! Still using them.

The funny part is my gift of pans through the years.  We had a family joke going that I usually got a new electric frying pan every year for Christmas because cooking for our family of 6 wore it out in a year's time. I guess the tradition continues this year, I got pans. ; > )
Not an electric skillet because we are now officially empty nesters and no longer have a crowd to feed on a daily basis. Besides the fact that for health reasons we try to stay away from fried foods. 

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