Friday, November 23, 2012

Shopping and Supporting Local Businesses

I have begun to really appreciate our local businesses. With the direction our country is taking, we really need to be involved in our nearby communities and families. Glen Alpine has a new business called TEA TREE. It is a small business right on Rt 70. I shopped there the day before Thanksgiving since we got off work early that day. TEA TREE is a beautiful and warm gift shop displaying items made by MOMS to help support their families. It is run by volunteer moms. (It also has many of my favorite items, tea pots and cups and you may enjoy a cup of tea while there.)

Another gift shop in the area is TURKEY TALES. (Turkey tales has long been a byword in the community: street name, local paper, etc.) Although I am not a big spender, I love to go in and look at the great items and talk with the ladies that run it.  This store is also on Rt 70 on the corner at the only light in Glen Alpine. In this same building there is THE PERFECT SOLUTION. I have recently stopped there for a haircut and style. Brittany, a young mother, has quickly earned my favoritism.

Not too far away from us is another local business THE BARN. Open only on certain weekends or by appointment, it has gently used, low cost decorative items. It is packed full and laid out beautifully. You would think you were in a famous shop. The owner Ann has become a good friend.

We also have COTTAGE GARDENS for plants, APPLE ANNIE's an antique shop, LAKE JAMES WINERY AND ANTIQUES, EMILY'S which is a thrift shop that supports South Mountain Childrens Home, and not too far away, THE CHRISTMAS SHOP run by J.Iverson Riddle, with beautiful gifts made by handicapped residents.

(And for all your car repairs, NORVILLE SERVICE CENTER. I can't leave them out they have been wonderful to us. They are in Glen Alpine on 70).

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