Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Desire of My Heart

As I prayed this morning one of my most fervent prayer is for my family, my children and their spouses and out precious grandchildren. I want the Lord to take us all like clay on the potters wheel and make us a testimony for Him. Oh that we all would have depth of experience in God not just a surface relationship. Oh that our lives would be filled with hope in the living God! That we would have a determination and a confidence in our God given abilities that no thing or any man's opinion or actions would shake that determination.

I'm remembering my determination of prayer and seeking for God when I was a young Christian. I would awake early and while everyone was still in bed I would make my way down the upstairs hallway to our large bathroom on Court St. There was an old wooden chair beside the big claw foot bathtub. There I would kneel and pour my heart out to God.

This morning I bowed at the big rocker in the living room. Many years have passed in my life and my body is not as nimble as it used to be. My knees and legs cry out in pain and numbness as I kneel. The old back does not like certain positions or it will jar out of place. So I have to be careful as I kneel and I seek God. Many times I stand or sit. But kneeling feels so much more effective to me.

My prayers are also for our nation and the election today. But God has helped me in the last couple weeks to realize that my greatest hope is in Him and that either way it goes I don't need to be anxious because He holds everything in His hands and He will be with me as long as I keep my hand in His.  This country is in such a mess He is the only One who can heal it. May whatever happens only lead people to Christ and His salvation.

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