Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God's Blessings and Our Duty.

I am so thankful for the leading and peace of God this morning. The last few weeks He and some of you bringing encouragement has reminded me that my anchor in Him does not go away no matter which way the election is decided. And I've always known that but I needed my strength girded up and He knew it and gently began leading my thoughts in that direction.

He blessed me again this morning with wonderful thoughts to share. As I prepared for work I put on one of my favorite CD's by The Booth Brothers. The songs seemed linked bringing me a message of peace, that America under God is the only way we can survive, and that "I've got new shoes now, to walk all over this world, and tell the world that Jesus saves."

Then this final thought:  Moses' mother protected him in a basket against being killed by the enemy. When the Egyption princess took him home, Moses' mother was able to be with him since she was picked to be his nurse. My main thought is she no doubt taught him songs of God and scriptures and instructed him at his young age how to discern and stand strong.

That is our duty. Get ourselves rooted deep and raise little Moses's. Take our new shoes and plant them as voices and influences in our community.

Be closely involved with our children in what they learn in school. Read their history books and make sure you teach them to understand how to discern things for themselves and question and take a stand if something is not right. And their spiritual training is not up to a church or a Sunday School. It is up to us. It is wonderful to teach them right from wrong and to be kind, to be good students and be active in sports. But that is not enough. They need so much more.

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