Sunday, January 6, 2013

"My Crazy Family Life"

Journey is the name of a church in Morganton and I visited there today. I saw that they were starting study series on family relationships. The message was very encouraging: titled "My Crazy Family Life". Several thoughts caught my attention. Scripture was from Jeremiah 29:11 specfically, but generally the whole chapter.

Everyone wants to appear so normal and "fine" as the speaker said. When really, there are hurts and problems going on in life. He said people always answer the question "How are you?" with "I'm fine".  He heard that fine means:
F   freaked out
I    insecure
N   neurotic
E   emotional

High points of the lesson:
1.  There is hope...for each situation...don't give in to statements or thoughts of hopelessness.
2.  "For I Know"  God knows everything that's going on...He knows
3.  He does have plans for us.
4.  He wants peace and well being in our lives... not misfortune
5.  Go after God for you and your family. Stop acting like everything is ok when you need to seek God with all your heart for your family.
6. When we are seeking God with all our heart He promises that He will respond.
7. Failure is not final.
The Israelites were in exile. No, this lesson does not mean that the family problems will go away next week or next may go on for some time.

I hope to hear the rest of the series. Thankful for a planned series built on helping with specific needs.  Thank you Lord for your guidance today.


  1. good start... hope to hear more....

  2. Thank you Natasa. What you share is an encouragment.