Saturday, October 25, 2008

Busy day

Woke up early this Saturday morning. It was such a gorgeous fall day all day long. It was pick up day for Angel Food Ministry at church. When that was done I stopped at a gift shop in Lenoir that is one of my discoveries since Julie has moved to Lenoir. They lady that owns it, a couple weeks ago her husband had a heart attack and she had left a sign on her door apologizing for having to close. But today I found out he is doing fine and the shop is open again. It is such a neat shop. It is also a tea room and I have been dying to have lunch or tea with Julie and Lori. On Saturdays, they are open until 2 so when we are done at the church there is not much time and the guys are around. No offense to them, but it is a girl thing. The shop is packed with neat gift items solid from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Then there are small round tables for 2 that are set up very elegantly with cloth napkins and more decor. I finally got to show it to the girls today but we had already eaten lunch so my goal is still to sit down to tea/lunch someday.

I don't know if it will take place or not, but I talked to the lady who runs our showroom (from my job). It is a couple of hours away from here and very elegant. I told her that the girls from the office were going to have a tea there some day when it is not market time and we are not just asking her business questions. She thought it was a wonderful idea and suggested we do it some time closer to Christmas.

I thank God for small things like enjoying a cup of tea. In this day and time when one can't afford vacations or shopping trips it is nice to give myself a treat of a special cup and quiet corner.

Rick and I decided to bring the weight bench in the house where we could get some use out of it. Our old flabby muscles need some help. His pulmonary workout was only covered for the summer. We really need a family room so I can have my living room back but we'll just use what we have and be thankful for what we've got. He got it set up tonight while Lori and I did some crafts and baking. She made a pumpkin pie completely from scratch, the crust and the fresh pumpkin. I made some rigatoni (spelling ?) and grape surprise. Tomorrow is pastor appreciation day and church is having a dinner after the morning service. I also made a new recipe for supper. Stuffed green pepper soup. It is basically the same ingredients you would put in stuffed peppers but in a soup. We all liked it very much and it is low calorie.

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