Monday, October 6, 2008

Move on to be an oak tree, Ebeneezer!

I just had to somehow incorporate the spiritual thoughts of the last 2 days in my title! I didn't get to hear yesterday morning's revival message because of helping in the kitchen. But Rick told me about it when I went back to get in line with him to eat. God told Joshua "Moses is dead, move on, cross over Jordan and do the things I tell you." The thought of the message was if there are things in your life that are still troubling you and they are dead, leave them and go forward to do the things that God would have you to do.

Then, the great Ebeneezer message in the evening. Becky Laywell had brought to my attention the story in I Samuel about the Ebeneezer stone and I did a blog on it, ask Julie to make me an Ebeneezer stone and was looking it up again yesterday afternoon. Ebeneezer means the Lord has helped us. The message was remember all the times the Lord has helped you in the past and know that He will help you in the future. The speaker gave us stones at the end of the service.

Today I read a devotion that pointed out that the author was so frustrated after having gone through major disasters in his life that he cried out to God and said "Where are you?" He was sitting on a fallen oak tree and God showed him the huge oak tree standing in front of him. God said that his brokeness was needed in order for him to become like the large oak tree still standing. After many years, God replaced the painful circumstances with inner joy.

So I need to: 1. Move on and leave what's dead behind. 2. Remember how God has helped me in the past (Ebeneezer). 3. Know that the events that have devastated me will help me to become a large oak tree for God.

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