Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Activities

Saturday was a good workday, workout at home. I love being outside so I did not mind helping my daughter and husband. Lori decided to put an in ground dog fence around the yard, the whole yard. That meant across the driveway, by the woods at the neighbors, behind the dog pens, through the woods and on the backside of the shed. They had rented some digger machine (if you know me, I don't know the names of stuff)which made the job pretty easy, especially since I wasn't operating it. But I did help with clearing out brush, making sure the wire was covered and getting on my knees and clearing out mud from the digger. Not bad for an almost senior citizen. It took all day, then we cleaned up, took the digger back to the city and Lori bought our supper at Red Lobster. What a sweet daughter. Now all she has to do is work with the dogs to get them used to it. I know she'll do it, she is good with them. They are her babies.

Sunday was good. God answered prayer by sending us a Spirit filled morning service. Thankful for God's moving. Lunched at Julie's, enjoyed her yard,took a nice hike with Lori, practised songs and choir. Then evening service. I enjoy the way we have Sunday closing with people coming up front with special prayer requests and people joining them to help carry their burden.

This week will be catch up at work after spending last week costing for market and letting everything else go. I should be doing my tax class homework now.

God bless and don't forget to pray for the election. God will help us no matter which way it goes.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I love ya Mom! :o)