Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ebenezer Stone

Well, here it is again, can't get away from it. I Samuel chapter 7 I believe. Samuel lifted up the Ebenezer stone, meaning, Hitherto the Lord has helped us. Julie and I are making progress on making our own Ebenezer stone. We had baptism back in the "holler of the mountains at the creek" Sunday evening. One of Clay's cousins, Pat, owns the property. There were plenty of big rocks by the creek. Julie asked Pat if we could have a couple to take home. She said sure you don't have to ask. So we picked out our favorites. Maybe by the time we are done with it, Julie will have shown me how to put a picture on my post and we'll do a show and tell.

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  1. I'll show you some Sunday when you're up at the house here. :o)