Saturday, January 30, 2010

If We Cry God Speak to Me, Give Me Peace, Are We Willing To Listen?

I know many like to study the book of Revelation for prophecy. Personally, I don't get much into prophecy for the future. I know Christ will come again and take us to heaven and this world will come to an end. The detail I don't try to figure out. I just know in my heart and life I need and long to be ready and in tune with God at all times. God will carry me through no matter what His plans and details are.

I do, however like to read passages from Revelation. Ones like: don't take away or add to the Word of God. And I especially like and am many times reminded of the the 7 churches in the 2nd and 3rd chapters.

This morning was one of those times. I went to bed at 9:15, slowly fell asleep and woke up some time around 3:30 to look at the snow which is piling up outside and still coming down. Unusual for NC. Still awake, I decided to email Carol Kent (the author of a book I am reading called "A New Kind of Normal). And also to read about the Laodicean church in the 3rd chapter of Revelation. Here are some facts listed there:

God comments that He is a faithful and true witness to us.

Also note that His word was relevant not only to the Laodiceans but to all of mankind through all ages including us today.

He called them lukewarm.
He said they professed to need nothing
He said they were wretched, miserable, poor, blind, naked.

By the way this was people in a church. (Being in a church doesn't mean you are going to heaven)

He warned he would spit them out.
He told them to get white rainment.
He told them to anoint their eyes with eyesalve so they could see properly.

He said I rebuke and chasten you because I love you.

He admonished them to: Repent

He told them If you listen to me I will come into your heart and fellowship you.

He told them If you overcome you will sit on My throne with Me

He said if you are willing to open your ear, hear and listen and realize what I am saying to you.


  1. These are good thoughts for me. I think if I hadn't buckled down back in Oct. and start to really study the Word of God, I'm not sure I would have made it this far. I have confessed to others that I realize while I sit in my pew or am overly active in church activities, I have let ppl slip past me. Unaware of their hurts and needs. I was so blind to those around me. And yet God began to deal with me on a personal level and show me that I can't just sit in my pew and expect to reach anyone that way. I've got to reach out. Sometimes I just struggle with thoughts of "how do I reach out to them?" Sometimes I don't know how to reach ppl, but I'm working on it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope He doesn't find me lukewarm.

  2. Many bloggers these days read Revelation. Does this mean something?

  3. As I said a lot of people are deep into prophecy. And there are many different views on Revelation. Some take it literally others see it all as symbols. Rev 1:3 says blessed is he that reads and hears the words of this prophecy. I do believe that it is written with many symbols. John was writing in a time of much persecution and possibly had to share the God given message in symbols. I have read the book before but not studied it personally. The part that I shared this morning came to my mind when I awoke. I have read the 2nd and 3rd chapters much more than the rest because God speaks to people to show them how they are living correctly and where they fall short.
    It sounds like the Ephesian church in Chapter 2 had many good works and stood against evil but had stopped loving God, who should be our first love. He asked them to repent.
    In 2:8 it speaks of those in Smyrna. God knew of their works and tribulation and poverty. And He also knew that there were those that claimed to be His chosen people but were not. He said they were really from Satan. He encouraged them and I don't see where he corrected them on anything.
    2:12 It is Pergamos. Verse 13 states the good deeds and verse 14 states what they need corrected.
    2:18 It is Thyatira. Verse 19 state the good deeds and the next few verses God is correcting them.
    3:1 It is Sardis. He said that what spiritual strength they did have was ready to die and they needed to strengthen it. They had only a few people who were really living the way God would have them to.
    3:7 It is Philadelphia. God commends them and tells them to be faithful and he would keep them.
    And of course the final church is what I spoke of in my post today.
    Five of the seven churches listed all needed to do some repenting. And God said they needed to overcome the sins He had shown them if they wanted to make it into heaven. I think we should each of us check ourselves with God's help on all that God is telling these churches.
    He wants us to love Him above everything, take stands against sin, be faithful, be zealous not lukewarm. It stirs my heart when I read these verses. I pray that it stirs others too. We live in a time when in the United States and probably other countries also it is easy to claim to be a Christian but not have the fruit of salvation. May each heart seek God wholly including me.
    As for why everyone is blogging about Revelation I do not know for sure. I have not read any blogs about it.

  4. Heater has a whole serial. Very good.