Thursday, December 4, 2008


My blog picture seems to have resized in my absence. I have been experimenting with my blog as anyone who looks can see. I tried the red background with snowflakes but that seemed to gaudy and I felt like I lost my quiet solitude of the breath of fresh air. The red reminded me of a peppermint candy that was too strong. I went to the snow picture of my bench in the backyard. That is one of my best quiet places to meditate and pray. But lately my quiet place has been inside at the sofa before anyone else is up an moving. It's still dark when I get up and too cold to stay outside at that time of the morning. It will have to wait until Saturday in daylight.

Meditations lately have been on those humble humans that were around for the birth of Christ. I am blessed that God works through ordinary people. I am so blessed to have fellowship with him. I love Mary's praise speech when she realizes God has looked upon her low estate. I rejoice with the shepherds that God sent them an announcement in the field with angels singing. It is special that God consoled Simeon and Anna in their old age to see the fulfillment of the promise of salvation.

Tomorrow evening, Lord willing, we will be going to the outside walk through Bethlehem near by. We have been several years and it always seems to make the whole Biblical history of the birth of Christ come to life. I can't wait. I am to pick up my friends niece so she can see it for the first time. I hope we get some pictures that can be shared.

We put up Christmas decorations this evening but are not quite done. Things were getting pretty messy around here and just cleaning up greatly helped. And I am ready for Kellie's show and tell tomorrow. I have my draft waiting to share. Have a blessed evening.

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