Tuesday, December 16, 2008

God is Good

God has been very, very good. He has lightened some of our burdens. He knows how much we can bear. I thank Him for the strength He gives me through His word and communion in prayer.

I am looking forward to being with family and friends up north. I hope their ice goes away before I get there. It hasn't been real warm down here but at least I'm not sliding around. :)

I have a few days to get some major work done on the job. Our big new project is providing continued employment for our company. I hope all of you that are unemployed have things work out for you. I can't believe the low percentage rate from the federal reserves. But we never know from one day to the next what kind of situation we will be in. That is why we must seek God. I know from experience that it is not always easy to be thankful when there are no "calves in the stall, nor fruit on the vine" as it says in the word. But God gives us grace and contentment. My mind keeps going back to the night I went up the mountain and was on the curvy road that I thought would never end. Around each curve I knew town was coming but it seemed like forever till my faith became sight. It's like God is saying, life is like that too. You wonder where God is but you just keep on going and trusting till your faith becomes sight.

I have been looking at a few of the Christmas tour of homes. I believe there are over 800 now. I'll never be able to make the full tour even a little at a time. I appreciate how many of them are teaching their children about Christ and making it the theme of their blog. Many of them are keepers at home. It makes me long to be there but alas I must be content with the responsibilities God has given me.

Well I believe I will try again to go to sleep. I started out early and tired but my mind did not cooperate.


  1. I wish you peace and joy of the Lord!

  2. I so agree about never managing to visit all those on BooMama's tour.

    Glad you found me though.

    Love that song "All of Me"

    Blessings this Christmas to you and yours from Northern Ireland.