Monday, December 29, 2008

The first puzzle piece

The past few weeks I connected with some old friends that we had went to church with years ago. We had been in a congregation that was very conservative. The unwritten rules there was that if anyone leaves don't go visit them or you might be contaminated. When these friends left we faithfully followed the man made rules. We have had to repent several times of our negative, finger pointing ways. God continues to free us from the incorrect beliefs we held tight to. This is just one of those puzzle pieces I spoke of in my previous post.

Anyway, through facebook, we found out that our friends' son, who my husband had taught in jr. high sunday school was now a pastor. Hubby was able to call our friend and apologize and we made arrangements to go hear their son preach when we went to Ohio. My friend said "You don't have to come, they're kind of contemporary." She did not know that we were no longer looking down our noses at anyone who did not look like We thought they should. I told her we wanted to come. Yes, it was different, but it was good to know their son was saved and he brought a very good message. He was not preaching down to people like we had been used to in the past. He spoke in depth but easy to understand about Herod and his need for control and how paranoid he was, killing even his own family because he was scared of someone taking his throne. He pointed out how Herod shed blood because he wanted to be the only King of the Jews and how Jesus shed blood also but it was His Own and Jesus really was the King of the Jews. Then he asked if in our life was their any of the same attitudes that Herod had. I see where we don't need to control people. I reflected on how in our old church there was much man control and fear of losing positions and "spiritually killing" those who didn't believe like we did and the need for people to obey the pastor instead of God. I rejoice more and more of being free from that.

We had dinner afterward with our friends. It was a good time of letting God help us put another puzzle piece in place in His own time.


  1. Could you explain what you mean by if you visited them, you were told you would be contaminated? What does that mean?

  2. We were guided not to visit people if they left the church. They didn't want us to know any details of why they left or be influenced by them. They used the scripture that said "they went out from us because they were not of us." And our own mind set was that we were hungry for God and those that departed were not. In reality, they still wanted to serve God but just not in that place. People would leave quietly and meekly.

  3. when we left our church, pastor also said to all the rest not to contact us anymore... and they obeyed... church fellowship can be very superficial...