Wednesday, December 3, 2008

May I have some blog help?

1. I would like to know how to make my blog heading picture smaller.
2. Can you tell if people are visiting your etsy shops?
3. How do you set up a give away with Mr. Linky?



  1. 1. you must have smaller picture that you put in heading...
    2. yes, you can
    3. what or who is Mr. Linky?

  2. If you have a picture editing program, you can resize the picture to the size of your header (the average header size is between 800-1000px wide and between 200-400px tall) and once it is sized approximately the size of the average header and you upload it, you can choose to fit header to photo (I's been a few months since I was in there playing with mine).
    Not sure about the etsy.
    Mr Linky: and it looks like you have to register to use his widgets.

  3. You can also visit for some fun and different blog templates! What's an etsy shop?

  4. Thanks ladies. I will look into it later.