Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The second puzzle piece

On Christmas day we found out our nephew was in the hospital after experiencing a very low heart rate, 30 I think. He was taken by squad and heard them saying they couldn't find a pulse. They gave him medicine through an IV and he came to. When they ran tests they couldn't find anything. But we thought we should go see him while we were in Ohio and that is where we were Christmas day. He was sitting up in bed with his wife nearby,waiting to be released. His family, too, was involved in the same church we used to be and it seemed he wanted to talk about it that day. He told of experiences they had and we shared ours. We have kept silent to a lot of people, but there are times when God fits a puzzle piece together and the time is right. Their children, our friends children (from my first puzzle piece story in the previous blog) and our children had experienced times when "elders of the church" had tried to separate them from their parents. Supposedly, we were all a bad influence on our children and we were not worthy to be our own children's spiritual mentors. There were so many bazaar things that happened. There are some today that want nothing to do with church because they saw through the hypocrisy. There are others that are still entangled in the hypocrisy of it. Thankfully, there are some that realized they could have a one on one experience with God without bowing to man rule and in spite of how people acted.

We had such a good time of fellowship and kept talking. Finally, the hospital staff kindly informed us we could talk down the hall as the patient had already been released and they needed to free up the room. Our nephew had not told us he could go because he wanted to talk. It was funny. We all left the hospital together.

I can't explain the joy that God has blessed me with as he fits these puzzle pieces together. Some would say I have backslid, but I am only making my way to the place that God would have me to stand in.

I had a freedom in God when I got saved and am feeling more of that freedom again as God untangles all the threads that have gradually bound me up. Paul spoke to the Galations about getting entangled in bondage after they were saved. And that they need not follow the traditions of men. I am thankful for all the trials that God has brought me through. In spite of all the heartache and the puzzle pieces that are still not in place as I would have them to be, God is helping be to breath fresh air again and again. Bless the Lord, oh my soul.


  1. Hi, Jane. Thanks for adding me as a blog friend. I see that my site is listed in your new friends column. I don't know what is the matter with my site. It always says that the it is unable to access the internet and that the operation has been aborted, but then you can click on the box and get right to it! It does that for me, too, every time I try to go to my own blog!!! Even my teen-aged son, who is a computer-whiz, like all kids, cannot figure it out. Sorry about that.

  2. Oh, Jennifer, your other blog friend, has my site listed kind-of funny. I'll go to her site and see if I can click on it and get to my site, and if I can, I'll tell you how she has me listed.

    P.S. -- your church sounds sort of cult-like. We have been in churches like that, too. Now we attend a plain-old Baptist church.

  3. Ok, it's me again. On Jennifer's site, it has me listed in "blogs I follow" as: Civilla(backwards 3 or E)t#39 Cyber Cafe or something like that. Look on her site, or maybe ask her how she gets to my site. Very confusing. Sorry.

    What kind of a church did you go to? Why did elders try to separate you from your children? Sounds terrible.

  4. It was very subtle. Asking children if their parents were a hindrance to them. If they questioned things, telling them they were just like their parents. Inviting the kids to do things but not the parents and not letting their kids come over to your house. That is why I believe it is always good to stay involved with your children. Don't just hand them over to the young people's leaders. Go pray with them when they go to the altar. Mentor them. Live your Christian life in the home. Don't get me wrong, there are still some very loving people there at that church. A church can have ways that are like a cult but not really be considered one. In the near future I want to share a book that points out different descriptions of a cult.