Friday, January 15, 2010

Carol Kent "When I Lay My Isaac Down"/Conference

Tonight started a wonderful women's conference in a nearby town. The speakers were great, some local very inspiring and a well know writer/speaker Carol Kent. We had done a Bible study on her book "When I Lay My Isaac Down". I would recommend it highly. It continues tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. She and her husband have experienced some very very tough turns in their road of life that God has been able to use in spite of the heartache.

One of her sentences tonight was "Pain, is pain, is pain." It doesn't matter what kind of circumstances is giving us pain, we all suffer from either health, financial, abuse, death of a loved one, relationship heartaches. But God is there for us all and we can commit it to Him and continually lay it down. I say continually because we will catch ourselves picking it up again.

One local girl spoke of how God had helped she and her husband after losing their daughter just last October. The baby had health problems in the womb and they chose to continue the pregnancy. She lived for only 63 minutes but had a great impact.

The theme is the song "Their is a Fountain filled with blood" which we sang a verse of. God has a fountain and it is there to fulfill all our needs. I am so thankful for Him.

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  1. Well written! I really enjoyed last nights thoughts and am looking forward to the speakers this morning and this afternoon! It was an encouragement for me to be there.