Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hidden Rainbow

I have an old paperback book that is one of my favorites. It always comes back to mind when I have to stand for an unpopular truth. "Hidden Rainbow" by Christmas Carol Kauffman. It is a true story about a forbidden New Testament that shattered the calm of a village. God revealed to them about salvation amidst the village tradition of no Bibles in the home. It was a scary thing as at first they had to hide that they had one. Then they decided to put it away for one year. But they were so pulled by it, became saved and was open about it. Their whole family and village was against them. The annual traditional house blessing was denied them. People were afraid to associate with them and scorned them.

Here is part of the preface: "John and Anna were led to truth, light, and true happiness through the ministry of a Protestant missionary. Their courage, faith, and suffering for the sake of soul peace will put many of us to shame for ever thinking our way was difficult." On the back: "The intimate family life of John and Anna Olesh is portrayed as they struggle for economic stability in their poverty and for peace of mind and heart amid the heavy tradition that envelops and almost destroys them."

They wanted God not tradition. They hungered to live right. You know, I don't want to be a lemming. I don't want to follow anyone off a cliff. I don't want to roll over and fall asleep at the wheel for Jesus. I don't want to ignore God and just be a yes person. Thanks for the example John and Anna.

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  1. Thanks for sharing thoughts from your book. That is an encouragement.