Sunday, January 24, 2010

When God Says Good Morning

I love the way God says "Good Morning". I really like to lay in in the morning and think. Not every morning is the same. And God doesn't always say "Good Morning" in the same way.

Sometimes I wake up feeling fearful and trying to let the problems of the world run through my head and wonder what I can do to solve them. With God's help of course. That is when I finally get up and begin preparing for the day, asking God to drive out my fears, help me to trust Him to handle it all and show me what to do. He begins the process of clearing out the rubble of my mind and filling it with His thoughts. I become energized and ready to face the day because there is nothing that He and I can't face together.

Other times when I wake up and lay there, He says "Good Morning" and floods my mind with scriptures and songs that fit the very battle I'm in.

Like this morning: "He Will Roll You Over the Tide". Names of real people in the Bible that took risks for Him: Esther, Stephen, Daniel, Mary the mother of Jesus, Abraham, John the Baptist and of course Jesus himself.

Esther stood up for her people, God showed her a plan of action and she put her life on the line for God's people.

Stephen repeated the story of Jesus to a group of people, religious people, that were so mad they stoned him.

And of course Daniel, thrown to the lions for praying to God.

Mary, confessing and believing that an angel from God had told her she was carrying the SON OF GOD. Now who in that day wanted to put her in a crazy house for the insane?

Abraham, put to the test by God to check in his heart whether family met more to him than God. God reminds me now that "Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all your heart" He is a jealous God, the Bible says so, and will not allow us fellowship with Him if we place any thing or any one even one step ahead of him. That causes me even now to check myself because God is definitely still workin' on me.

John the Baptist, his whole life's job was to prepare the way for Jesus. And he sure had to take a sweeping arm to start clearing a path for the truth that there had to be some repenting done or we wouldn't be accepted into the Kingdom. He made some people angry enough to take his head for proclaiming those truths.

And Jesus Himself. It makes me want to weep on how He put HIS LIFE on the line for me and all mankind. So that if I would repent and believe on Him I wouldn't perish for my sins, but have EVERLASTING LIFE.

GOOD MORNING TO YOU LORD. I love you and I need your help today to do the right thing at all times. I am looking for you to "Roll me over the tide" today, keep my heart clean, do a work in me and through me. Prepare me for Heaven, let me be a light to those around me, break out a revival. "Touch your people once again":

TOUCH YOUR PEOPLE ONCE AGAIN (Song sung by Steve Green)
We need wisdom we need power
And true love for each other
We have had so many big but empty words
So we come before Your face
Asking for Your grace
Bring Your people to a state of kingdom life
Restore Your church again

Touch Your people once again
With Your precious holy hand, we pray
Let Your kingdom shine upon this earth
Through a living glorious church
Not for temporary deeds
But to restore authority and power

Let a mighty rushing wind blow in
Touch your people once again

Lord You see Your tired servants
And the broken wounded soldiers
Oh how much we need Your precious healing hand
We need the power of the cross
As the only source for us
When we stand up facing final battle cry
Restore your church again


  1. Good thoughts and glad you shared them with blogland. I appreciate the song you mentioned. Life isn't about what we want. It's not about what other's want from us. It's about what God wants. We need more of Him and less of us. We need HIS wisdom and power b/c we cannot do a thing without Him. When we try to do things on our own, our words are big, but empty just as the song says.

  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.