Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stay at home Sunday musings

Since Lori and Rick have eye infections we stayed in today from church so no one would catch anything. There are too many people at church that are susceptible. I did think strongly about doing some work at EJV while no one was there but decided between day job, tax evening work and a conference Fri night and Saturday that my husband also needed to see me.

We three had breakfast together of a light omelet and flaxseed/apple muffins made with stevia instead of sugar. Lori got a new expresso maker for Christmas so we made our own lattes.

I ran to get some Lysol cleaner to wipe of door knobs etc. to clear out some germs. Driving back home and turning into our street the mountains are very pretty on this clear day with plenty of snow to be seen on them.When I came back Lori and Rick were going over a song. I joined in and Lori and I then practiced a couple more. We're excited about an arrangement we are working on ourselves. Can't wait to get Julie and Clay in on it and see what it sounds like.

Later for lunch I used my new WW cookbook Rick got me for Christmas. Lori and I made a Greek pizza. We used Julie's dough recipe Julie shared on her blog. It is really a "pizza pie" as it had pizza crust on bottom and top. The filling was onions, spinach, ricotta and feta cheese. We decided it needed to be baked a little less and add some oregano and possible other seasonings for the next time. But it was very good with a salad.

On another note I found a school friend through her siblings on facebook this week. We talked for about an hour on Friday night. It has been about 39 yrs since high school graduation. That makes me sound old but I don't feel that old. I am so excited to get connected again.